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Plugins are one of the many software architectural designs that allow you to build loosely coupled and modular programs. In Go, plugins are written and compiled separately as shared objects (. so) or libraries and can be loaded dynamically during runtime.

Incorporating extensibility into your programs is always considered a good practice, and there are many approache[...]

On the one hand, animations are maybe the most exciting and fun aspect of CSS. The simplest animation can breathe life into a user interface and completely transform it. On the other hand, it very hard to make really visually interesting animations.

As someone relatively new to web development, I was not sure that diving deep into CSS animations was the best use of my time, but ul[...]

If your team sets up the coffee pot with fresh grounds for the next day, that a little extra effort that makes a big difference.

You cannot focus on someone words and body language if you are thinking about what you are going to say next, so stay in the moment [...]

We highlight this by looking at two commonly used libraries, Open SSL and GStreamer. reactionsIn Red Hat recent 2020 version of 'The State of Enterprise Open Source' report, 950 interviews with IT leaders worldwide were conducted. The main barrier to adopting open source in the enterprise is security.

reactionsSecurity in o[...]

Refinancing your mortgage may help you cash in on interest rate savings, lower monthly payments and even get you access to your home equity. For example, a cash-out refinance allows you to tap into the equity you have built in your home in the form of a cash loa[...]

As a neurosurgery coordinator for a hospital, I educate patients on treatments, schedule visits, and retrieve records. You, the patient, can become an active participant in your own care by uploading or sharing information via this portal, including messages to yo[...]

Since the pandemic began last spring, many of us have been forced to work, or learn, from home, meaning uninterrupted hours spent in front of a computer. So it important, said one expert, to give our eyes a proper break and reduce our screen exposure when possible. 'The scree[...]

I have fond memories of hacking my TI-83+ graphing calculator in high school to play Wolfenstein 3D and other games (because killing Nazis > paying attention in algebra). In the video above, You Tuber Equalo takes it a step further by running DOOM on his TI-84 . but instead of using batteries, he figures out how to power the whole thing with 100 pounds of diced potatoes strung on a wire grid.

Both pr[...]

Forms are effective and probably the only way to collect customer information.

Every business needs customer information to understand them better, tailor to their specific needs, and regularly inform them about new products, discounts, and business events. Whether you want customers to sign up, checkout, subscribe[...]

In this article, we will show you how to easily add interactive 360 degree images in Word Press. You can use 360 degree photo to show products from all angles on your online store. Or perhaps you have a real estate website and you want to offer virtual tours using inter[...]

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