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A 1% improvement in schedule or budget would easily cover the cost of ten bike sheds and more coffee than any of us will drink in our lifetimes. After all, what bunch of fools would waste time discussing $1,000 worth coffee when they need to review plans for a $100M reactor? It states that the amount of time spent on an issue will be inversely correlated t[...]

How to be a real artist (or writer, musician, designer.

)Clue: Do not wait for a formal invitation to the club!

Photo by Mike Petrucci on UnsplashI'm a life coach, working with creatives of all kinds. You have deep, life-changing conversations, and you call people out on the stories they are telling themselves, the ones that are [...]

They are draining your monthly data plan and using up your precious battery with extra processing. If you are lucky, the ad is an image, but often times they take the form of videos or GIFs. Worst part is, is that you only notice it once it too late; only after it streaming onto your page eating up your data plan and punishing your CPU.

I use an ad blocking ex[...]

Image by Icons8When was the last time when you visited an online store, put some products in a cart, but never completed the purchase? Such behavior is known as abandonment and according to Baymard InstituteAlmost 70% of online shopping carts are abandonedWhile many f[...]

So knowing that I have a penchant for ruining things with my overactive self-talk, I have to stop myself and make a plan.

The first step for many is to make a list or plan for the day, but I think it takes a bit more to get focused. Step 1: Today is a good day to. This is a question I have to ask myself in order to[...]

Hello, Bonjour, Hola, Ni Hao , Guten Tag, konnichiha, Privet, Merhaba, Jo Napot, Zdravo! Designers at global companies frequently work with geographically distributed teams. How do these different cultures react to something unexpected, unknown, or away from the status quo?

For example, Germany scores high on the IDV index; therefore, it typically avoids uncertainty.

Are you looking for ways to increase sales on your Ecommerce website?

Want to learn how to build trust with your website visitors? Go Globe share the stats you need to know in this infographic.

They cover the following fears of online consumers:Is the business for real?

Can I shop safelyWill I like th[...]

Companies see customers as 'unpredictable, varied, fickle, stupid, shortsighted, stubborn, and generally bothersome' entities that keep them from working on things they can control: software code, Excel sheets, and production lines. They refrain from creating co[...]

How to Calculate Forward Rate with Python. using Pandas, Koalas, Py SparkWhy do I care? I have always been very interested in financial valuations.

In daily work I frequently encounter problems that are easy yet very difficult. Difficult as the tools I was familiar with (such as Excel) can not solve them without having to include lots of formulas in the cells. It quickly beca[...]

This article is where we dive into some features that are a little more interesting: API integration and data management with Mobx.

We could hard code it into our URL string when we make our request to the API but that not a great practice.

Your key will still ship with your release build of the app, but this is at least one less place attackers ca[...]

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