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Regardless of how much time you spent (or did not spend) in school learning about UX portfolios, it a critical part of the UXR interview process and one that you should be prepared for. In this post, I will share some tips for how to structure your presentation, mistake[...]

You have made your decision: you want to change your username on your social media platform of choice.

But how do you actually do it?

There are any number of reasons for changing your username on accounts. With that, here how to change your username over the most popular social media platforms. The username is supposed to include your real name, alongside a few numbers or characters [...]

Your class names will serve as an identifier or target for when you want to style your elements. We will be adding class names to these components as well to serve as identifiers for us to style.

(Since contents will be the same color we can add each class with commas so we do not rep[...]

js? This article was originally published at Of course, if we think about if statement in Javascript or Typescript logic, it the same as in every Javascript or Typescript place.

It just if/else like pure javascript, but in this case, we wo not talk about the normal if/else. In react, we will need if statements[...]

Using styled-components and ReduxContinue reading on codeburst

The world has recently shifted in the most unforeseen way, and most people would have experienced fresh challenges when moving online for work. The world of work is rapidly evolving, but with the right tools and a solid plan, you can still bring everyone together just as you would for an onsite face-to-face workshop. It unique in its process because the focus is very user-centered, allowing designers and other stakeholders [...]

Part 3 of 3 in a Basics of Git seriesContinue reading on codeburst

In this article, we will show you how to create an alert bar in Word Press with 3 easy solutions. Simply click the links below to jump straight to each option:Method 1: Creating an Alert Bar Using Optin MonsterOptin Monster is the best conversion optimization software on the market.

It comes with beautiful lightbox popups, welc[...]

How to Create Hilarious Anecdotes Like a Stand-up Comic3 ways to spice up your storytellingPhoto by Frederick Tubiermont on UnsplashWhen you are at a party, out for dinner or conversing with a neighbor, you naturally rattle off 1 of the same 5 stories you have been telling for years.

Then comes the punchline. 'So I said to the guy.

Without noticing it, you have built a stand-up [...]

These services are 'black-box' models because the developer does not have access to the network layers and parameters and can only interact with them by providing them images and retrieving the resulting label. Now, suppose you want to create a computer vision algorithm for a specialized task, such as detecting autism from brain scans or breast cancer from mammograms. It leverages adversarial machin[...]

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