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What you should be excited about, is that you should be able to start developing on Kubernetes after a few seconds by just executing a skaffold command. If you are trying to build a docker container directly from the command line then you will also want to run:eval $(docker-machine env -u)But because we are using Skaffold to do the heav[...]

2020 is a tough year, but it gives a lot of opportunities to introduce a new financially rewarding and meaningful healthcare solution to the mobile app market, directly affecting people health behavior, and helping them make their lives easier and more enjoyable. Research -- the first step to successBefore prototyping an app interface, you need to understand [...]

Below, you will find helpful steps you need to take prior to sending your pitch and best practices gleaned over time.

If your company is releasing a new product or expanding its services, then you might want a feature story in the tech section of the newspaper. It helpful to find 2-3 articles that are similar to what you are hoping to have written about you or could have benefited from featuring your brand. Understa[...]

How To Make Marvelous Microcopy: 7 Surefire Tipsnew story@ jrdnbwmn Jordan Bowman I design stuff for the web and run learnuxd. ioGood microcopy is one of the fastest ways to improve an interface. Try doing an audit on your UI with these tips to see how it stands up.

reactions1) Use personal pronounsAddress the reader instead of just talking out loud. People pay more attention when you talk directly to them. reactions2) [...]

Navisworks XMLXML (Extensible Markup Language) is a markup language for representing structured information via a set of rules that encode a document into a format that can be read by both users and computers.

PythonThis process requires the installation of Python[...]

September 17, 2020

If instead you want to make part of the image opaque or apply some other effect to it, then you need to use masking.

This post explains how to use the mask-image property in CSS, which lets you specify an image to use as a mask layer. You will need to use the -webkit- prefix in addition to the standard property in order to achieve the best browser compatibility.

It may b[...]

Fortunately, the abundance of and accessibility to technology allows companies to stay connected and continue business as (somewhat) usual, but not without challenges. One procedure businesses should clearly communicate and carefully practice is the handling of a remote employee departure.

Here are five steps to keep your data pr[...]

To help pass the time, I bought a 3-D printer and learned some basic stuff about creating models in Blender.

But I decided to take the time to improve my Blender skills, especially the things that are not applicable for 3-D printing such as texturing and animation.

But if you want to model lower Manhatten, by all means, use the add-on!

To follow along with this tutorial, you should know Blender basics; 3-D [...]

Lucky for Jordan, writing code involves a lot of logical thinking and problem-solving, two very transferrable skills. For instance, Jordan probably has to document his code, which involves multiple written communication skills. You cannot assume that the interviewer has any experien[...]

In the face of COVID-19 and an emerging new remote workforce, companies and leaders are being challenged to do the opposite -- bring work and team culture, home.

When conversations at the water cooler and in-person brainstorm sessions can evolve into big company objectives, how do you find op[...]

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