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That’s it to create a .desktop shortcut file in Linux, and In the next couple of days, we will guide how to create a new or missing .desktop file. The problem was that whenever I need to open the telegram, I need to go to the directory where I have kept the telegram file and start the applications that were too frustrating every time I need to that.

But the same condition doesn’t apply whe[...]

The retrbinary method retrieves a files in binary transfer mode: this is what you want to use to simply download a file from the server to your local machine and don’t need to interact with its content. The first argument of this method, can be a valid RETR command, just like the one we used in the previous example, but also a LIST (to retrieve a list of file names and in[...]

YouTuber (500k subs), Ex-Google/ex-Facebook Tech Lead.

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Thus, ONLYOFFICE Docs can enable document editing and real-time co-authoring within your favourite platform. If you have done all the operations above successfully, you can start editing and collaborating on documents within your Nextcloud instance using ONLYOFFICE Docs.

ONLYOFFICE Docs is a powerful online of[...]

A spambot is a malicious program or unethical activity specially designed to gather email addresses or information from contact forms. One of the most common ways to stop bots from filling up your form is to add CAPTCHA to the contact form. Double opt-in forms make the signup pr[...]

To build our service, we will use FastAPI, an ultra-fast Python web framework, Celery for scheduling monitoring tasks, QuestDB, the fastest open-source time-series database, to store monitoring results, and NuxtJs to display them. In this final backend related section, you will implement the task which[...]

read-iops tells you how many read IO requests are made to the main database disk partition in values of IO Operations Per Second (IOPS). If you reach 75% utilization, then your database connection limit will be automatically throttled by Heroku. In this article, you will learn how to set up a Heroku Postgres datab[...]

This is the second part of the series where we create a service to interact with MySQL server in Rails using MySQL2 gem. After this, our service should be able to perform basic queries in the external MySQL server using MySQL2 gem.

It is getting formatted query and updating in a database, the concept is the same as insert with only change in the q[...]

This can be a great way to expand your initial keyword list with related queries, and keeping the results sorted by 'broad' match keywords is a great starting point. But to further drill down into related keywords, not just those based on match type variants, change the filter to 'related' and see a list of keywords similar to your seed keyword.

Competitor resea[...]

Tom Hank's character in Cast Away maintained his sanity by painting a face on a volleyball, naming it Wilson, and having deep (one-sided) conversations with it. Number Five from The Umbrella Academy befriended a partial mannequin he named Dolores, which kept him comp[...]

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