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To search for any files simply pass the file name as an argument to locate command. That’s how your result is faster when you use the locate command to find files in Linux. One among such utility is locate command and in this tutorial, we will walk through how to install locate command if not already installed and see how[...]

In the above guide, you learned how to test website loading speed using the Curl command. The website loading speed or response time is very important for any webmaster because it will impact search engine rankings and user experience. So if you are a system administrator or webmaster then it is important for you to test your website speed and take immediate action to speed up [...]

So, go for it in all your applications using resource-local!Be careful not to set hibernate.connection.provider_disables_autocommit to true and then forget to disable the auto-commit mode!

Hibernate will not disable it either! This means that every SQL statement will be executed in auto-commit mode, and no unit-of-work transaction will be available.

Practically, the database connection is useless to the ap[...]

This means that even 50 messages in one hour on one channel, would just end up giving users about 5 notifications , and that too in long intervals, instead of nagging them constantly each time a message is sent.

Instead, with dripfeedbot , you can now simply send a dripfeed message to yourself and then ‘snooze’ it each time you get your messages , and it will automatically go back to your personal me[...]

To set the JAVA_HOME environment variable, first, discover where Java is installed by running the following command. Now run the following command to install the default OpenJDK 11, which will provide Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

Java is one of the most popular pro[...]

Create an SNS Topic using the Terraform configuration files. Create an SNS Topic using the Terraform configuration files. Once you have, terraform.tfvars, and you are set to create an SNS Topic using Terraform.

We have a variable definition file '' where we have defined default values to the variables used in ''. You need to create this file in the same directory where you[...]

If you want to head into Earth Day with a party, join National Geographic on April 21st at 8:30PM ET for its Earth Day Eve 2021 virtual celebration, with performances by artists such as Angélique Kidjo, Willie Nelson, Yo-Yo Ma, and Ziggy Marley, and appearances by a number of envir[...]

Also, in our services, we need to update the local config to use some-domain.localhost instead of staging URLs everywhere. It simplifies things a lot because now we have a single file with all the configuration and we don’t need to restart our services. Now we can use two local services and two staging services, without changing anything in [...]

Next, run the command below to install Apache on your Ubuntu server. In preparation to install Apache, first, run the command below to update your Ubuntu package repository. Now, run the following command to execute the mysql_secure_installation script and then follow the instructions to secure your MariaDB server.

Once the ins[...]

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