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Many financial experts recommend individuals give passive income a try because it offers a variety of benefits that can boost your personal finance goals. Whether you rent out your property for a long or short period of time, being a host or landlord does requ[...]

We spoke with the President and co-founder of Kabbage, Kathryn Petralia on embracing digital money and how small businesses can optimize their operations during this time. Amplified by COVID, contactless and online transactions are playing an increasingly important role to support physical distancing and protect both businesses and their customers. For consumers, financial behavio[...]

Refinancing your mortgage may help you cash in on interest rate savings, lower monthly payments and even get you access to your home equity.

For example, a cash-out refinance allows you to tap into the equity you have built in your home in the form of [...]

How To Beat A Computer In ChessConsider the human element. Merry Company Depicting the Human Element Simon de Vos, Public domain, via Wikimedia CommonsYou cannot beat a computer in chess.

It is not possible to win against a perfect opponent, because the outcome of each game will always be determined by one player or another[...]

Most of us now have our digital photos and videos automatically backed up to the cloud. It means they can be accessed from any device, and are kept safe and sound should something happen to your smartphone or laptop.

What happens, though, when your photo storage platform of choice changes its features, or its prices, or goes out of business completely?

It vital to have an exit strategy [...]

By utilizing your social media reach, you can stream live footage to a huge audience and give your followers a unique glimpse into your company. Although you are limited to live streaming from a mobile device, this allows you to offer a very personal glimpse into your brand and tailor your con[...]

Practical Tips for Creating Smooth Website Navigation ExperienceExplore 5 key areas for improvementNavigation is one of the most critical aspects of product design. After all, no matter how much time you invest in crafting good content and features, all this work will be useless if the visitor wo not be able to find them. Conduct closed card sorting to ensure that the content categories you defined work fine for your visitors.<[...]

elements. The key to create smooth border text using a element is to give it a zero (or small enough) line-height .

If it has a large line height, that will displace the position of the border it in, pushing the border down.

And when the border moves with the line height, we wo not be able to connect all the four sides of our design and will ne[...]

The latest video from MRU is from Josh Angrist Mastering Econometrics class and it covers How to Read Economics Research Papers: Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs).

The video is for the student and it will be very useful for teachers of introductory statistics and econometrics.

'Moraitakis wanted his team to remain happy and fulfilled with their work as the company grew. Many Workable leaders moved from individual contributors to managers to VPs within a few short years.

A recent re-org had brought a new structure in product and enginee[...]

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