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Welcome to TNW Basics, a collection of tips, guides, and advice on how to easily get the most out of your gadgets, apps, and other stuff. As we are all stuck indoors and working from home, there are likely a lot of you relying on your trusty laptops to get everything done.

But your laptop can quickly become a breeding ground of nastiness, depending on how much you handle it.

Read: How to keep your internet[...]

How to work with someone else dataA guide to wrestling with inherited dataDefinitionsYou are using primary data if you (or the team you are part of) collected observations directly from the real world.

If possible, try to identify and contact whichever culprits, er, project members were responsible for the data collection leg[...]

And this is a really big interest to me as well because I'm wondering as a company that has been no kind of at the forefront of remote work up til now, how have you guys been able to adjust to this huge change basically. Kind of along those same lines, Rasjesh at Ultranauts, I'm curious about, Ali ment[...]

Dual-SIM smartphones have long been a staple in many countries like India. Tap on the added networks to set call and text preferences.

Tap on the added networks to set call and text preferences. The data connection, however, is only available with whichever SIM you have selected as the primary option. Switching between the two SIMs essentially means you are changing [...]

Source: Andrew Chammings / SFGateBecome a Subject Matter ExpertThe operating landscape under COVID-19 is constantly shifting (and re-shifting) at a nauseating pace. Local County, State & Federal Agency (e.

CDC/White House Task Force) Guidelines are changing faster than the population can reas[...]

With so many people stuck inside, Zoom has become the default video chat platform for millions.

Its simple, accessible interface makes keeping in touch with family, friends, and coworkers a cinch. At the same time, many have found Zoom default privacy and security features lackin[...]

How to prioritize like a chess playerUsing the Elo rating system for project managementYou are working in a startup or a larger, growing, company. That problem is part of the daily life of working for any sort of growing project: you will have to drop the vast majority of the ideas you come up with to focus on only[...]

'Photo by: Maxim Ilyahov on UnsplashWe all strive for creativity daily as we write stories about the experiences that have shaped us as creators. Creativity surfaces differently in every writer, and while we are all looking for ways to improve our craft, the one thing you are going to have to[...]

These days most companies have asked their employees to stay at home and change their office work for a remote one. In such conditions, the issues of organizing video calls have become especially relevant. It seems that online conferences for dozens and even hundreds of people are a step towards a digital [...]

After sharing my post describing what a UI Developer is, I got some requests to write another post specifically about how to get a UI Developer job. It's certainly not an obvious path.

My first job out of college was working for my alma mater in the Art Department media lab, during which time all I knew was that I wanted to transitio[...]

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