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Do you want to remove unused CSS in WordPress so your site will load faster? Unused CSS is any CSS code added by your WordPress theme or plugins that you dont really need. Removing this CSS code improves WordPress performance and user experience.

In this article, well show you how to easily remove unused CSS in WordPress without breaking your website. Wha[...]

The goal of writing an About page is not to ramble on about your brand’s experience or “selling points.” Instead, it’s about creating engaging content that speaks to the needs of your prospective customers. They will have a broader view of your brand and can bring all of the information together in a winning About page that wows your target audience.

A winning About [...]

And by focusing on these two areas, I’ve been able to scale my company to more than 20,000 customers in 90 countries without a sales team.

By focusing on the prospect’s experience and eliminating the need for our team to meet a certain sales threshold, we removed immense pressure from the situation and transferred the focus to our client. With this seismic shift, we provide the best possible exp[...]

Rust does not provide an async runtime by default, so it is up to us to install one. Inside the function, we create a new Tide instance then we call the function listen to start the local server on port 8080.

You will also need to have Rust and Cargo ins[...]

Cross product and rectangle area are very useful and important concepts that help a lot in education or other walks of life. As you know, the area of a rectangle is the product of the rectangle's width with the length.

Thus you can surely calculate the area of a rectangle in three easy steps. To calculate the area, in terms of shape, the rectangle is considered[...]

Since Multipass get you the up-to-date instances, you don't have to waste time on updates on launch!

Using Multipass, you can quickly launch fresh Ubuntu VMs and use them for testing your code or application. This guide explains what is Multipass and how to instantly create and launch Ubuntu VMs with M[...]

Google Analytics on its own can be a challenge; that’s why this article will discuss using GA4 with Business Intelligence (BI) tools for better analysis and tracking in your content strategy. There’s no one tool to give you all of your data and insights – you need Google Analytics with marketing tools, socials, your CRM, and your own database.

Learn how consolidating your marketing[...]

A nice story from Heather Burns on how she helped us improve the accessibility and usability of Embedded Pens. We had an ongoing email exchange with Chris for about a month.

He and his talented team made changes that improved the accessibility of ALL embedded CodePens.

AND without requiring the authors of the pens or the page to make change[...]

While client work was not a preferred income stream, it allowed me more time to stay full-time in my business. To transition with confidence, create a plan that has three key components: reasonable savings, a realistic business plan, and a plan if things go wrong. You need to decide what a reasonable time period would be for you to work full time in yo[...]

This command line defines a 32-bit 'i386' CPU with 8 megabytes of memory, using the 2-megabyte tiny.img file as the hard drive image and the FreeDOS 1.3 RC4 LiveCD as the CD-ROM media.

Boot the system using the 'Live Environment mode'—this provides us with a running FreeDOS system that we can use to transfer a minimal FreeDOS to the hard disk. We've used[...]

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